First Look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Game Trailer

You’ve seen the teaser trailers, now check out the full trailer for Activision’s latest “Call of Duty” title, “Modern Warfare 3”, the sequel to the company’s highly successful “Modern Warfare” franchise, not to be confused with the company’s other highly successful “World at War”/”Black Ops” franchise. Even though all the titles come pre-packaged with the “Call of Duty” title attached, they are in fact developed by two entirely different companies for Activision.

No storyline or official synopsis yet, but it’s believed that part 3 in the “MW” series will continue the events of the last title, and if the “World War 3” tag at the end of the trailer is to believed, this thing has just gotten a whole lot more global.

The game lands on all platforms November 8, 2011, a full month before Christmas shopping season. That means, of course, you’ll be well-versed in the game’s maps before the noobs get their hands on it during Christmas, thus supplying you with a healthy new dose of noobs to frag by New Years.