First Look at CBS’ New Rookie Cop Show NYC 22


Leelee Sobieski and Harold Moore in NYC 22 TV Series ImageCop shows. I swear. American TV never gets tired of them. Cop shows about veteran cops. About burned out cops. About brilliant cops. Rookie cops. Undercover cops. I’m pretty sure every type of cop show that can possibly be done has been done at least a few hundred times in just the last 30 years on network and cable TV shows.

So … here’s another one about rookie cops called “NYC 22″. This one, though, looks promising. Hell, it looks about a gazillion times better than ABC’s horrendous “Rookie Blue”, which is quite possibly the most disgustingly awful show about “cops” on TV ever made. Really, what passes for writing, acting, and directing on that thing is a crime against humanity. The fact that it’s currently in its third season while I only got one measly season of “Detroit 187″ leaves me flabbergasted. Thanks for nothing, ABC, you buncha tasteless twits.

Anyhoo. “NYC 22″ certainly has a fine pedigree. It’s from Richard Price (“Clockers”, “The Wire”), and boasts executive producer credit by Robert De Niro.

From Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal comes NYC 22, which follows six diverse NYPD rookies as they patrol the gritty streets of upper Manhattan. The new trainees include Jennifer “White House” Perry, a former college volleyball star and Marine MP in Iraq with a take-charge attitude; Ray “Lazarus” Harper, the oldest rookie and a former police news reporter with better sources than most seasoned cops; Tonya Sanchez, who comes from a family with a criminal history; Ahmad Kahn, an Afghani native who fought his way to freedom; Kenny McClaren, a fourth-generation police officer with great instincts but qualms about joining the force; and Jayson “Jackpot Toney,” a young basketball legend who squandered his opportunity in the NBA. Their demanding Field Training Officer, Daniel “Yoda” Dean, is a case-hardened, unsentimental veteran of the force who emphasizes basics and holds each cop accountable for their actions. Rounding out the team is Sergeant Terry Howard, a no-nonsense plainclothes officer from the Gang Intel Unit, who trains the rookies on how to keep the gangbangers at bay. With unique backgrounds, personalities and reasons for being on the force, the new cops will make their share of rookie mistakes while they figure out how to relate to their boss, each other and the people they swore to protect.

The cast includes Terry Kinney, Adam Goldberg, Leelee Sobieski, Stark Sands, Judy Marte, Harold “House” Moore, Tom Reed and Felix Solis.

I gotta admit, Leelee Sobieski as a tough former MP turned cop sounds pretty ridiculous on paper, but I’ll be damn if she doesn’t kill in this first promo for the show. “NYC 22″ debuts April 15th on CBS with a pilot directed by James Mangold (“Knight and Day”, “Copland”).

Via : EW

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    Um whats with all the nicknames. LOL.

    • Juggernaut

      That’s to let you know how cool they are!

  • Brandonprusts_girl44

    Umm, I hate to burst your cynical bubble, but Rookie Blue is a HELL of a lot better… and it’s also CANADIAN even though it’s on ABC…

    • Nix

      Nothing — I repeat — NOTHING on God’s green Earth can possibly be worst than that steaming pile of crap “Rookie Blue”.

      • Brandonprusts_girl44

        Don;t you get it, NYC-22 is just a CBS rip-off version of Rookie Blue.. (RB is amazing, I guess you must not watch it) It’s soooo much better than any copycat show..

        • Nix

          Oh, I see, you actually think Rookie Blue was the first show to ever do a show about rookie cops on the job. Ah. That explains it.

          • Brandonprusts_girl44

            Rookie Blue has an unique thing about it. IT’S AWESOME!!!

            I guess we could agree to disagree.. I think Rookie Blue is amazing, and you think this new show will be amazing too. We have different opinions, so let’s just leave it at that, OK??

          • Dedpool

            Um okay that’s not exactly unique, as it’s an opinion. If you said the way they handle the drama is unique, or the way they focus on a specific thing is unique i could get that, but just saying it’s awesome? What’s so awesome about it? I for one have pretty much left cop dramas like these alone.

  • Jenn

    I give this show about a month or so before its cancelled!
    Rookie Blue is going into its 3rd season and has a huge following!!

    And Leelee Sobieski is beyond boring to watch!

    • Brandonprusts_girl44

      Totally agree, Jenn :-) Rookie Blue is the sh*t unlike this pile of crap..

      Agreed about LeeLee too.. I’ve only seen her in one movie and she SUCKED!!!

      • Nix

        Have either one of you ever seen “The Sopranos”? “Breaking Bad”? “Justified”? Really, give those shows a try, and you will never look at “Rookie Blue” the same ever again.

        • Dedpool

          Agreed! Also “The Shield,” those are great shows.

          Sent on the go!

  • Jenn

    Never heard of “Breaking Bad” and “Justified” sorry!

    I love Rookie Blue! It’s a great summer time show and I know ALOT of people are looking forward to it! Rookie Blue is pure entertainment and the storylines get you hooked on it right away. In a strange way the show almost has like a cult like following???!!? RB fans are 100% dedicated to this show! WE LOVE IT!

    • Thumpio

      “I never heard of “Breaking Bad” and Justified sorry!” – wow, that explains a lot!

  • David W Lemley

    I’d hate to say it, but its the Degrassi vs. Beverly Hills: 90210 argument ALL over again. Its the EXACT same show as Rookie Blue. Not saying either of them is/will be any good.