First Look at Frank Miller’s The Spirit

Okay, so fair warning: these will probably go down pretty fast, so take a look at them as quickly as you can. The green screen images were originally posted on Dark Horizons, but within hours they quickly removed it due to a letter from Lionsgate requesting they be brought down. They’re green screen set photos from Frank Miller’s “The Spirit”, and shows pretty much all the main characters, from Scarlett Johansson to Eva Mendes to Gabriel Macht (as the Spirit), and of course, Samuel L. Jackson as the crimelord The Octopus. Check them out before they’re gone, kids.

Originally posted at Dark Horizons, but I didn’t get to them in time. They were still up at Obsessed With Film and Slash Film, though.

Man, is “The Spirit” looking good or what?

Update: 4/5/08


Told ya it’d go fast.