First Look at Gemma Arterton in Clash of the Titans

The guys at the Gemma Arterton fansite Gemma Online have your first look at the lovely former Bond lass in Louis Leterrier’s “Clash of the Titans” remake. Not a really big look or anything exciting, but in case you’re wondering what Io will look like in the remake (at least from the neck up), wonder no more. Check her out below. Hopefully she’ll stay away from the black gold this time…

A remake of the 1981 film version of the myth of Perseus and his quest to battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster in order to save the Princess Andromeda.

The remake will star Sam Worthington as Persues, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes as dueling Gods, and gorgeous gals Alexa Davalos, Gemma Arterton, and Izabella Miko.

Get clashin’ March 26, 2010.

Thanks to reader Mix for the heads up.