First Look at Goku as Super Saiyan Ape in Dragonball?

Yeah, sorry about that. I just typed the headline without a single coherent idea what it meant. As I’ve been told, Goku (the lead character in the upcoming “Dragonball” mvoie) sometimes turns into a giant ape called the Super Saiyan Ape when conditions are right. I think. And if that’s the case, then this may or may not be the first picture of Goku in said Ape form. Then again, we are just a few days post-Halloween, so maybe this is some mask that someone made up for a Halloween party? Well if that’s the case, then it’s a mighty expensive ass Halloween mask. I’m gonna go with this being the real thing, but if it’s not, blame it on ComicBookMovie, who got the pic from one of their scoopers.

Speaking of CBM:

For the uninitiated, the Dragonball series of manga and TV cartoons follows a boy, Goku, from his youth to manhood as he learns martial arts mastery–and saves the world from extra-terrestrial baddies. Several “stages” of growth transform Goku from power to power, and in one form of “Super Saiyan” he turns into a giant monkey.

So, do you guys think it’s the real thing? Cries of joy? Delirium? Vomiting? You decide.

Below: I’ve been told people are going ape over the “Dragonball” movie, but this is ridiculous!