First Look at Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes

I have Guy Ritchie’s revisionist take on Sherlock Holmes listed as a 2010 film, but to be honest with you, this thing may actually hit theaters before then. The production is already well underway with Robert Downey Jr. starring as Holmes, Jude Law as his sidekick Watson, and Rachel McAdams as the American love interest. All according to the book, Guy Ritchie assures us. JustJared, where these pics of Law and Downey on the set of “Sherlock Holmes” are from, also has some comments from Ritchie about th emovie:

“We’re going to try to introduce something we haven’t seen before, authentic to the narrative,” director Guy Ritchie has said of his new flick. “We’re trying to make this film fresh. We should have some good fight sequences.”

He added, “My one concern was the accents but this is no longer the case. Robert Downey has the best English accent I’ve ever heard. Also Rachel McAdams is playing American (love interest Irene Adler), which is true to the books. Outside of that, Jude is obviously Brit. Robert was obviously going to be the big one, and we seem to have transcended that particular hurdle.”

More behind-the-scenes pics here and here.