First Look at Iron Man’s War Machine Toy

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Is this our first look at War Machine from the upcoming “Iron Man” movie? Probably. We already know that Terrence Howard will be playing Jim Rhodes in Jon Favreau’s movies, and comic book readers know that Rhodes actually impersonated Iron Man for a time. Stark had built the War Machine for himself, but Rhodes took it over when Stark was believed to have died. (That happens a lot in comics, in case you don’t know.) The plot of the sequel, perhaps? Maybe. Here’s the War Machine toy that showed up at Wal-Mart called “Iron Man – Stealth Operations”.

I actually liked the War Machine comics back in the day, especially the weird, oftentimes contentious relationship between Stark and Rhodes, and it’ll be great to see it replicated on the big screen.

Iron Man’s War Machine Toy

Iron Man’s War Machine Toy

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