First Look at Jet Li in Tsui Hark’s The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

The idea of Jet Li and acclaimed director Tsui Hark working together once again on a martial arts flick excites me. In a purely cinematic sense, of course. Below you’ll find a few intriguing images of Li on the set of Hark’s latest endeavor, the upcoming epic “The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”, which is a remake of the 1992 classic “Dragon Inn”. It’s been nearly 14 years since the pair has worked together, so their reunion is a seriously badass blessing for those of us who absolutely adore “Once Upon a Time in China”. As long as Hark doesn’t screw up everything by presenting it in 3D, this could be one hell of a flick.

“The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” should arrive in theaters sometime this year. Much love to Film Smash for providing all of the imagery.

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