First Look at Jon Foo as Jin Kazama in Tekken Movie

With that Chun Li chick and those crazy kids and their juggling dragonballs hogging all the game-to-movie spotlight, it’s easy to forget that they’re also making a live-action movie based on the popular Tekken fighting game. Okay, “forget” is not the right word, pretty much “hoping it doesn’t look nearly as bad as the other two movies” would probably be more in line with what gaming fans are thinking right now.

But just in case you still have hope for this movie, here’s your first look at British actor Jon Foo in character as Jin Kazama from the movie via his official site. And don’t worry, kids. Jon Foo isn’t some fancy schmancy actor they plucked out of TV land to star in this sure-to-be (hopefully) hard-hitting movie. After the pics, check out Foo’s video resume.

(Thanks to reader Tekken King for the heads up.)