First Look at Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong in Resident Evil 5


Johann Urb and Boris Kodjoe in Resident Evil Retribution Set Image

Fresh from battling with Summit Entertainment over “The Three Musketeers”, Milla Jovovich is once again back on the Twitter feed giving us our first looks at Johann Urb as Leon S. Kennedy and Boris Kodjoe as Luther West on the set of “Resident Evil: Retribution”.

I have no clue what Luther is doing packing heat alongside resistance fighter Leon Kennedy, but whatever, nothing in the franchise makes sense anymore, so I don’t suppose this makes much of a difference.

And here’s Chinese actress Li Bingbing with her Ada Wong look:

Li Bingbing as Ada Wong in RE5

Li Bingbing as Ada Wong in RE5

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Author: Nix

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  • Dominique Hatcher

    It’s been revealed that Chris, Claire and K-Mart won’t be in RETIRBUTION because they were abducted by Umbrella following the assault on Arcadia hinted at the end of AFTERLIFE. The ending also showed Luther survivng the Citadel Prison escape. So I’m assuming they’re gonna leap forward in the timeline somewhat again and have Alice and Luther meeting up with Leon and Barry Burton’s resistence group. Makes perfect sense to me.

    • Dedpool

      Very nice synopsis break down and most likely very close to the truth. I for one enjoy the films as stand alones in an alternate RE Universe. Kind of how the Marvel or Batmqn movies aren’t exactly like the comics. The third one was the one that was the worst for me as it had no really memorable moments or characters. Sure Claire was introduced but she was barely Claire. I am looking forward to the next CG animated film though.

      • Nix

        They movie franchise suffers from character overload. Now they’re bringing back DEAD characters. Oy. You’d think they would have learned their lesson after the completely superfluous nature of the Redfields in the last movie.

        • Dedpool

          You got that one right. Bringin back Rain? Why? I mean i love me some Michelle Rodriguez but it’s just her lot in kife to not survive Sci-fi flicks. LOL. And I din’t even mind having Chris in the last one, HE made sense, but the whole thing with Claire, since she first appeared was bad. And is it me or does dude playing Leon look like a younger Dennis Leary in that pic?

          • Nix

            Claire was basically Alice. My guess is they wanted to have Claire in the sequel so badly that at the last minute they simply gave her some of Alice’s lines and some of her action scenes (the shower fight with the big zombie, where Alice just sort of disappeared for a long stretch). That’s why having her and her brother in the movie didn’t make sense and after that initial “hey, you’re my sister!” scene, everyone acted like it never happened.

          • Dedpool

            Good point. If they were gonna cave in to fan outcry at least write them in well like they did with Carlos in second film. Ah well who are we to argue.
            Sent on the go!

  • Zeroshot

    Li Bingbing is awesome…..only good person in the whole movie,everything else is shit-fuckin-house.

  • CZ

    This movie franchise kind of pisses me off… I mean, I’ve played the games and read the books, and there was so much great material there! Call me crazy, but why does everybody die or disappear except Alice? We’re not over it yet? I suppose legal or contractual issues could play a part in why the movies are only vaguely recognizable as Resident Evil apart from the titles, I don’t know about that. No offense to anyone who likes the movies, but enough already! I wanna believe in the franchise, but alas, I cannot. :-( And WTF, Silent Hill folks?! You guys done good, so cough up that sequel.

    • Dedpool

      Agreed with Silent Hill, As for RE I just look at it as an alternate universe where things went completely to crap after the Racoon City incident. It’s kind of like what would happen had you not stopped the events of the first three games.

  • Jamalcarrillo

    i just hope they KICK ALOT OF ASS! thats all im routing for now wacky little scenes and i wanns see alice and jill fight (sense re: Apocalypse) so much to look foward to in this movie