First Look at Mark Valley as the Human Target

I’ve never read the comic book that it’s based on, but the idea behind Fox’s new show Human Target just appeals to me so much. Which, judging by my track record with Fox, means the show will probably be canceled before it finishes out its first season. That’s just how my luck is with the network. Nothing that I like has stayed on since The X-Files. Sometimes, you wonder why they even bother… Anyways, first look at Mark Valley, the star of Human Target, looking like he’s getting ready to do some serious damage.

Human Target stars Mark Valley (Fringe) as Christopher Chance, a mysterious freelance bodyguard who takes the place of his employer so that the killer will try to hit him instead of the guy paying his bills. Jackie Earle Haley (“Watchmen”) will play the show’s intelligence gatherer, while Chi McBride will be Chance’s buddy and business partner.

Image via Krypton Site.