First Look at Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body

Hey look, it’s the first official image from Megan Fox’s upcoming horror-comedy “Jennifer’s Body”! Okay, not quite as exciting as the ones that surfaced a while back with a dripping wet Megan Fox, that the studio spent about a month going around getting pulled off these here Interwebs cause, you know, it’s easy to pull stuff off the net once it hits. Ahem.

In the darkly comic movie (Sept. 18) written by Oscar winner and EW columnist Diablo Cody, Megan Fox (Transformers) plays a high school mean girl possessed by an even meaner demon. ”In order to live in this new state of undead, she has to feed on human flesh,” says Fox. ”So she takes revenge on men who she secretly hated her whole life anyway…. I’ve always hated boys, so I identified with that very easily.”

From Diablo Cody, the chick that made getting knocked up in high school fashionable again. As this image is from EW, it is, of course, craptacularly small. That’s how EW rolls.