First Look at Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2

Whoa! Here’s your first look at a heavily tattooed Mickey Rourke playing a Russian supervillain name Whiplash. According to USAToday, Rourke’s character will be called Ivan Vanko.

Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) sports a power pack on his chest that looks similar to the one used by Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). “The technologies are definitely related, and that’s part of the core theme of the film,” says director Jon Favreau.

The character’s alter ego, Ivan Vanko, is a Russian who, Favreau says, “has constructed his own version of a suit.” Among the creative alterations: a pair of whips, powered by the suit’s glowing chest piece, expected to keep Iron Man cracking. Whiplash “is going to light them up,” says Rourke.

This first image of Rourke was Whiplash shows the Russian villain making an appearance at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. Apparently he doesn’t feel like wearing armor like his Yankee counterpart.