First Look at Milla, Wentworth, Ali, and the Resident Evil: Afterlife Gang on Set

Wanna know what “Prison Break’s” Wentworth Miller will look like in the upcoming “Resident Evil: Afterlife”? Well, he really doesn’t look all that different from his stint on “Prison Break”, but it looks like he did get a nice machete. STYD has your first look at the set of Paul W.S. Anderson’s latest “Resident Evil” movie, which returns franchise star Milla Jovovich as Alice and Ali Larter as Claire Redfield. Wentworth Miller joins the cast as Chris Redfield, Claire’s brother. The fourth entry in the never-say-die zombie series is currently shooting (onboard a tanker, it appears) in Toronto, Canada. Screen Gems will release the movie in 3-D next August.