First Look at Neil Marshall’s Doomsday

The dudes over at Twitchfilm has your first look at the upcoming Neil Marshall sci-fi futuristic horror pic “Doomsday”. Well, actually, it’s just one picture. But what a picture! Rhona Mitra wielding a [something — gun? sword? tooth pic?] and looking badass and hot doing it. (I think I’m getting the vapors, as they say Down South.) The film’s writer/director Neil Marshall has already had two major cult hits with “Dog Soldiers” and “The Descent”, but he still hasn’t had a real box office hit yet. “Doomsday” could change that — or maybe not. The cast (Malcolm McDowell, Rhona Mitra, Sean Pertwee) aren’t big names, so I’m gonna predict mild box office numbers, but big cult following on DVD.

After a lethal virus wipes out hundreds of thousands of lives in the United Kingdom, a massive wall is built to keep those contaminated from leaving the country of its origin: Scotland. Those who try to escape are killed, and the wall itself is a massive barrier fully armed with advanced weaponry to prevent any escapes. Nobody gets in. Nobody gets out. Scotland has been shut off from the rest of the world – forever …

30 years later, the virus named “The Reaper” has been all but forgotten until a new case rears its ugly head in London. With no choice and the fear of another epidemic at hand, the government sends in an elite group to venture past the great wall, a territory not touched by those uncontaminated in over 30 years. The group must recover the work of Dr. Kane, who was close to finding a cure to “The Reaper” when it first was exposed. What lies beyond the wall is a mystery, a hellish environment left in ruins. What they will discover is far beyond the reaches of anything they could have imagined.

Check out Rhona Mitra from “Doomsday”:

First Look at Neil Marshall