First Look at Paul Walker in Brick Mansions (aka District 13 Remake)

RZA and Paul Walker in Brick Mansions (2014) Movie Image

Get your first look at director Camille Delamarre’s “Brick Mansions,” a Hollywood remake of the French action series “District 13” from writer/director/producer Luc Besson. The film is, of course, one of Paul Walker’s last movies before his untimely death late last year in a car crash.

Like the 2004 French original, the remake follows an undercover cop in the near future who tries to take down a ruthless crime lord with access to a neutron bomb by infiltrating his gang. The added problem? The gang is located in a walled off housing project.

Walker is playing the cop, but I have no idea who RZA is playing. The movie will co-star David Belle, who starred in the original and its 2008 sequel with Cyril Raffaelli.

“Brick Mansions” opens this April 25th.

Here’s a clip from the original French sequel featuring Belle