First Look at Peter Vincent in the Upcoming Fright Night Remake

As a huge fan of the original “Fright Night”, the idea of a remake makes me a little anxious. I think it’s a near-perfect film, powered by a wonderfully quirky performance by legendary actor Roddy McDowall. However, after seeing this interesting pair of images from the forthcoming reimagining, I’m definitely a little intrigued. Instead of a bumbling horror host, Peter Vincent (David Tennant) is apparently a flashy Las Vegas magician whose show is entitled “Fright Night”. Is this a good idea? That really depends on how director Craig Gillespie handles the material. I’ll keep my fingers.

“Fright Night”, starring David Tennant, Colin Farrell, Imogen Poots, Anton Yelchin, Toni Collette, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, should hit theaters on October 7th, 2011. Thanks to for the heads up.