First Look At “Predalien”!

avp.jpg(Article by Robert Lewis) One night stands are never good. You can always expect to wake up the next morning to either: a.) an itching sensation in your crotch — a cluster of ugly blisters and a foul-smelling discharge will soon follow — or in the case of Katherine Heigl’s character in Knocked Up, b.) the discovery that you’ve got a bun baking in the old gut oven.

Ever wonder what the outcome of a night of drunken debauchery between the solider-skinning “Predator” from John McTierian’s Predator and the Ripley-attacking “Alien” from Ridley’s Scott’s Alien (one word titled films are the best!) would look like? Well fanboys…get ready to rejoice! Arrow in the Head scored some exclusive concept pics from the remarkable sculptors at 3D Custom Foam Inc. featuring a detailed mold of an Alien/Predator hybrid that they’re conjuring up for Fox for the upcoming AVP2 (that’s Alien Vs. Predator 2 for the lame brains).

Stop reading NOW and take a look at the love child below:

alien3.jpg alien2.jpg alien.jpg

Well, isn’t that just adorable? All we need now is for Freddy Kruger and old Jason Voorhees to bump uglies so they can deliver us something just as grotesque.

AVP2 is scheduled to hit theaters in December of this year — Christmas Day to be exact.