Horror First Looks: Drag Me to Hell, The Unborn, Quarantine, Friday the 13th Remake

I believe this is our very first look at an image from Sam Raimi’s upcoming “Drag Me to Hell”, his return to small-budget horror moviemaking (how small? I don’t know; but let’s face it, after the gazillion dollars of the “Spider-Man” film, he could make a movie for $50 million and it would still qualify as “low-budget”). It’s also our first looks at David Goyer’s “The Unborn”, with Gary Oldman and the hot girl from “Cloverfield”, as well as “Quarantine”, the zombie movie remake of the Spanish zombie movie called “REC”, which is already gearing up a sequel.

Raimi (Spider-Man) returns to his horror roots (The Evil Dead). Lohman (White Oleander) plays a loan officer who won’t give one to an old lady (Raver) and gets hexed for her heartlessness. ”She makes one bad choice, then she spends the next 80 minutes overpaying for it,” Raimi says.

Starring Alison Lohman, Justin Long, and Jessica Lucas.

All three images are from EW‘s Comic Con preview. Which means if you go to Comic Con this month, you’ll probably get to see more of these movies there.

First up, “Drag Me to Hell”:

Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell

Gary Oldman and the shockingly hot, but poorly named Odette Yustman in David Goyer’s horror flick “The Unborn”:


A naked girl in a lake and what looks like Jason on the shore in the “Friday the 13th” remake:

Friday the 13th Remake

And finally, Jennifer Carpenter in “Quarantine”, the remake of the Spanish horror movie “REC”:

Jennifer Carpenter in Quarantine