First Look at Sam Rockwell as an Evil Accountant in Iron Man 2

When “Iron Man” was coming out last year, Jon Favreau spent a lot of time on Myspace updating fans and posting pictures from the movie. This year, with Myspace pretty much dead and buried, forever lost to the Gods of Quickie Internet Trends, Twitter is all the rage with the kids and their Interwebs. Recently, Jon Favreau twittered (or is that tweeted? whatever) this pic of Sam Rockwell in character from “Iron Man 2”.

He wrote:

Rehearsed today with Mr. Rockwell.

And bam, this pic of Rockwell, apparently playing the least scary comic book villain of all time. Or is that the scariest? Well I guess that would depend on what you find scary. Personally, Gwyneth Paltrow’s website makes me cower in fear and whisper my maker’s name, but maybe that’s just me.

Below: “Lock your doors, kids, because I’m coming for you … to do your taxes! Muwahahahaha.”