First Look at Saoirse Ronan in Byzantium

You may recall these, er, bountiful images of Gemma Arterton from the set of Neil Jordan’s vampire drama “Byzantium”. In the film, Arterton plays mother to Saoirse Ronan, and here’s your first official look at Ronan as Eleanor Webb from the movie.

The movie follows two mysterious, penniless young women who flee the scene of a violent crime and end up in a run-down coastal resort where their past may finally catch up with them.

“Byzantium” also co-stars Jonny Lee Miller, Sam Riley, Tom Hollander, Caleb Landry Jones, Daniel Mays, and is due out sometime in 2012. When? Your guess is as good as mine. Which is to say, I haven’t a clue.

Saoirse Ronan in Byzantium (2012) Movie Image

Via : Deadline