First Look at the Blade Animated TV Show from Japan

Those kids over at Japanese TV Network Animax are on a roll — after turning Marvel’s X-Men, Iron Man, and Wolverine into their own groovy, anime-inspired animated TV series, they’ve now set their sights on Blade, vampire killer. Check out some character design artworks and the first quickie 30-second teaesr trailer for the upcoming show below.

In the new anime, Blade will be hightailing it over to Japan, where he’ll once again confront vampire baddie Deacon Frost (I guess they’re going with the assumption that the first “Blade” movie didn’t really happen). Besides fighting Frost and, we presume, his legion of vampire minions, Blade will also team up with a Japanese girl name Makoto, as well as Noah Van Helsing and his dog Razor. Van Helsing, of course, is of the famed vampire-slaying Van Helsings. His dog, er, I dunno.

The show, like previous Animax titles, will premiere over in Japan, with Stateside debuts sometime later this year on the cable network G4.

h/t UGO