First Look at The Host 2’s Monsters!

No, it’s not Monster Day here at, it just so happens that there are two monster movies of real interest to people currently flowing through the Interweb, and one of them is the prequel to the South Korean flick “The Host”. Nothing really new here, but there is a sketch of what the monster (one of many, apparently) in the prequel will look like.


The story is set in 2003 when the restoration was at an early stage. Principal characters, such as street vendors, demolition contractors, and policemen are involved with the disorder and conflict caused by the restoration— one of which is, or course, the monsters from underground. The script, written by well-known comic artist Kang Full (as previously reported in SciFi Japan’s THE HOST 2 Update), was submitted on December 20, 2007 after six months of writing. The press release confirmed that the sequel is actually a prequel, which will fill in the blanks of the prologue of the first film. The press release also confirmed that there will be multiple monsters appearing in the new film.

Along with some plot details, Chungeorahm released one of Kang Full’s early conceptual sketches. The sketch describes a scene where a forklift driver blocks a monster that is trying to climb to the surface from underground. In the press release, Kang said, “I wanted to maintain the grace of the original film and to overcome the difficulties and limitations a sequel could have. And I wish to show more action with multiple monsters.”

Here’s what it’ll look like. Well, in color, one hopes (via):

First Look at The Host 2’s Monsters!