First Look at the Poster for Tom Hardy’s Warrior

Good thing Jennifer Morrison popped up in the news today (she’s fronting a new TV show — read all about it here), because it meant looking up some info on her, which is where I ran across this poster for her movie “Warrior” that she posted over at Facebook/Twitter.

“Warrior” has been on my radar for a while, but it dropped off for a long time because, well, there hasn’t really been a whole lot on it. There was one pic of Tom Hardy in the ring and some set images, and that’s about it. Until now, that is — here’s the poster for the movie.

The film is set in the world of mixed martial arts, and stars Hardy as the youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer played by Nick Nolte who returns home and trains for an upcoming tournament — a path that puts him on a collision corner with his older brother, played by Joel Edgerton from “The Thing” reboot.

“Warrior” still has a September 9, 2011 release date. We’ll see if that holds up.