First Look at the Thundercats?

You may have heard: the Thundercats are coming to a big screen near you. But don’t worry, it’s not going to be live-action, because let’s face it, live-action Thundercats would just be … weird. Instead, the whole shebang will be CGI animation, but if Internet rumors are correct (re: it probably isn’t), then the movie’s got some pretty big names behind it, including Hugh Jackman, Jessica Simpson and Michael Clarke Duncan. And again, i stress the if correct part. In any case, here is your (sorta) first look at what the Thundercats will look like.

From I09, who links to these guys:

Here’s a model of what the heads will supposedly look like in the new CGI Thundercats movie, which appears to be using some kind of motion-capture and supposedly stars Hugh Jackman, Jessica Simpson and Michael Clarke Duncan.

The only sure things about the “Thundercats” movie is that Jerry O’Flaherty will be directing from a script by Paul Sopocy, and the film is being looked at as a 2009-2010 release.

CGI Thundercats Movie

CGI Thundercats Movie