First Look at the Villain in Director Tsutomu Hanabusa’s Sadako 3D

Am I currently in the market for another movie set within Koji Suzuki’s creepy little universe, a world where peculiar VHS video art can spell certain doom for those who watch it? Oddly enough, I am. However, I’m not entirely sure where Tsutomu Hanabusa’s upcoming “Sadako 3D” is headed. The person you see above is the film’s green-eyed villain, one Kiyoshi Kashiwada, portrayed by Japanese heartthrob Yusuke Yamamoto. His mission: Resurrect Sadako by any means necessary. It will be interesting to see which direction this one’s headed. Colorf me chin-scratchingly intrigued.

Here’s a handy synopsis from Asian Media Wiki:

At a high school where Akana Aikawa works as a teacher, a rumor exists of a video. The video is purported to show someone committing suicide. Then Akane Aikawa’s student Noriko kills herself. During that time, more suspicious deaths occur one after another. The police concludes that the deaths are suicides. What the police miss is that a key element exists in all of the students’ deaths. All of them watched a video before they died. Akane Aikawa now holds the key to the revival of Sadako and must defeat her once and for all.

“Sadako 3D” also stars Satomi Ishihara and Koji Seto. The film possesses Japanese theaters on May 12th, 2012. The previous-released imagery lies below.

Sadako 3D (2012) Movie Image

Via : Film Smash