First Look at Yvonne Strahovski in I, Frankenstein

Aaron Eckhart in I Frankenstein (2014) Movie Image

Fresh from their Comic Con appearance, Stuart Beattie and the boys and gal of “I, Frankenstein” have released a new image featuring former “Chuck” actress Yvonne Strahovski. In the film, she’s playing, from the looks of it, either a doctor or a scientist. And apparently she’s also a book buddy of Frankenstein’s monster, played by Aaron Eckhart, because it looks like he’s loaning her a book. I’m guessing there’s a romantic element here. I know Frank is stitched together from other human parts, but as you can see from the pic above, I’m sure the ladies won’t mind too much.

No word on a trailer yet, but get your first look at Yvonne Strahovski below.

Set in a dystopic present where vigilant gargoyles and ferocious demons rage in a battle for ultimate power, Victor Frankenstein’s creation Adam finds himself caught in the middle as both sides race to discover the secret to his immortality.

Co-starring Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney, Socratis Otto, Caitlin Stasey, and Aden Young.

Frank woos the ladies next year, January 24, 2014.

Aaron Eckhart and Yvonne Strahovsky in I Frankenstein (2014) Movie Image