First Look: Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox in Emperor


I haven’t been keeping up with Peter Webber’s post-World War II drama “Emperor” until now, but better late than never, I always say. (I totally made that saying up, too.) Check out your first look at Tommy Lee Jones as General Douglas MacArthur and former “Lost” star Matthew Fox as General Bonner Fellers.

FYI: My high school was named after MacArthur. That’s neither here nor there, but I thought I’d just toss that in there. Sharing is fun, kids.

“Emperor” is set after the Japanese surrender at the end of WWII, and follows Fox’s General Fellers as he’s tasked with deciding if Emperor Hirohito will be hanged as a war criminal. Influencing his ruling is his quest to find Aya (Eriko Hatsune), an exchange student he met years earlier in the U.S.

The emperor arrives in theaters sometime in 2013.

Matthew Fox and Tommy Lee Jones in Emperor (2013) Movie Image

Via : USAToday

Author: Nix

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  • Cat2004

    Nice, but please don’t make the same mistake as USA Today, that’s not “our first look at Matthew Fox” in “Emperor”… because:

    1) that’s not even him in the pic at the left! more his stand-in or an extra…
    2) we already had our first look at him as Bonner Fellers in this article:

    That said, I for one can’t wait for this film! Two great actors with no doubt great chemistry on screen, and a really good director with (hopefully) a great scenario…

  • Now Wow

    CLOSE —but no cigar!

    Franchise slum Hollywood continues to run from
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    ——————-KOREAN WAR———————-.

    Surely, pulling off the Incheon invasion and
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    stands, for ALLLLL time, as MacArthur’s
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    So STEER CLEAR this ‘Globalist Occupation
    FRIENDLY’ —–DIS–traction.

    —Remembering those who served, sacrificed
    and —continue– to suffer on this,
    the ‘overlooked’ 60th Anniversary of the

    —————KOREAN WAR——————-.



    —-Surely Incheon, and saving –some– of little Korea from the
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    Franchise slum Hollywood continues to BURY without a trace
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    ————————————-KOREAN WAR————————————–.

    Have you —ANY!— idea just how wrong this is???