First Moody Trailer for Director Johnnie To’s Life Without Principle

Although I enjoy a lot of Johnnie To’s movies, I can’t say that I’m a fan of his work. All of his features feel a tad overlong and a little pretentious, which may have more to do with my own personal tastes than anything else. Be that as it may, I’m always curious to see what he’s up to. Coincidentally, a brand new trailer for his latest endeavor “Life Without Principle” has finally come down the cinematic pipeline, an announcement that will surely please his fanbase. I’d heard about this one a while ago, but to be perfectly honest, I’d forgotten all about it. Whoops. Sorry about that.

But first, a very brief synopsis, courtesy of Variety:

Three ordinary people find their destinies entwined when a loan shark is assaulted after having withdrawn $10 million from the bank.

As of this writing, a release date has not been set. So what do you think, Johnnie To aficionados? A bold new vision or just more of the same?

via Film Smash