First Mysterious Teaser Trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent

Monsters Dark Continent (2014) Movie Image

In case you didn’t hear, they’re making a sequel to Gareth Edwards’ 2010 low-budget monsters flick, titled appropriately enough, “Monsters”. That movie impressed so many people that Edwards landed the big-budget “Godzilla” gig as a result. The sequel is being directed by Tom Green (no, Tom Green of “Freddy Got Fingered” fame, but a Brit director who has directed episodes of the UK show “Misfits”, here making his feature debut), and I’m not sure how much involvement Edwards had in the film sans the customary “producer” credit. He’s not even listed as one of the film’s writers, so that’s probably not very encouraging.

But judge for yourself. Here’s the first teaser trailer for “Monsters: Dark Continent”. It’s very mysterious and doesn’t show very much. What has those soldiers aghast, I wonder? Monsters, would be my guess. Lots and lots of monsters. This is a sequel, after all, they could be going the “Aliens” route — bigger, louder, and more guns.

In the sequel, a soldier enters another infected zone, this time in the Middle East, to find a missing comrade.

It’ll star “Game of Thrones'” Joe Dempsie, along with Johnny Harris, Sofia Boutella, Sam Keeley, Nicholas Pinnock, Parker Sawyers, Uriel Emil Pollack, Kyle Soller, and Jesse Nagy.

The monsters rise again in 2014.