First Official Look: Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine

You’ve already seen oodles of set images from the upcoming James Mangold-directed comic book movie (click here and here if you missed them), now check out your first official look at Hugh Jackman in “The Wolverine”, posing shirtless and bearing those wicked trademark claws of his against what looks like a religious (Japanese temple?) backdrop.

Our hero apparently isn’t sporting his trademark hair just yet, though.

The film, based on the Frank Miller/Chris Claremont “Wolverine” mini-series from the ’80s, will find ol Logan in Japan getting into all sorts of nasty business with mutant Samurai types and romancing lovely (and forbidden) Japanese ladies. That’s Japan for ya — guy shows up with claws shooting out of his knuckles, and it’s all, “You can’t date my daughter, you have to leave, etc, etc.”

“The Wolverine”, also staring Brian Tee, Will Yun Lee, Hiroyuki Sanada, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Rila Fukushima, James Fraser, Tao Okamoto, and Hal Yamanouchi, shows the feral killer doing what he does best July 26, 2013.

Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine (2013) Movie Image