First Official Still from Tron: Legacy TV Series

If you’ve been keeping up with the going-ons of the new Disney XD show “Tron: Uprising”, then you’ve probably already seen a couple of early trailers for it. (The Comic Con 2011 trailer is above FYI.) Here’s a new image from the show, due out this Summer on the cable network.

Hero Complex has more on what to expect from the show:

[“Tron: Legacy” writers and “Uprising” producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have] picked up the Grid’s story right after Clu takes over, which happened years before the events of “Legacy.” The new show isn’t about users — those are humans who go into Grid, such as Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) or Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) in the films — but focuses instead on programs, the citizens of the Grid. The main character is Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood), the unlikely leader of a revolution against Clu.

As Kitsis puts it: “What happens when you find yourself occupied by a force that is not in your best interest – how do you fight back?”

Here’s your first look at an official image from the show, featuring a new vehicle design called The Light Crawler (click to enlarge):

The Light Crawler in Tron Uprising TV Series