First Official Trailer for Director Danny Pang’s Fairy Tale Killer


Fairy Tale Killer (2012) Movie Image

What happens when violent crimes start to resemble fairy tales? You put a seasoned cop in charge of the investigations. I first read about director Danny Pang’s upcoming thriller “Fairy Tale Killer” (aka “Perfect Fairy Tale”) way back in 2010, though everything has been strangely quiet since then. Until now, that is. Below you’ll find the first creepy trailer for the flick, as well as a fairly nifty poster to help promote the flick’s May release date. Pang usually does good work — “The Eye 10″ and the remake of “Bangkok Dangerous” being the clear exceptions to that statement — so it will be interesting to see how this visionary filmmaker tackles a subject that seems to be quite popular right now. Here’s hoping he does something cool with it. The trailer for “Fairy Tale Killer”, which stars Ching Wan Lau, resides below. It’s worth a look, I think.

Via : Film Smash

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Waldo

    looks ok.. but the trailer seems to be spoiling a lot O_O

  • Arthur

    Looks promising. Love the Pang Bros. work except for “The Child’s Eye 3D” and “The Eye 10″; those were terrible. Still have to watch Oxide Pang’s “Sleepwalker 3D” with Lee Sinje.