First Painted Skin Movie Trailer

Donnie Yen’s horror/action/historical epic “Painted Skin” has the potential to be really, really awful, or just this side of okay. I had high hopes for the movie when it was just revving up production, but everything I’ve seen of it since has been a tad … confusing. This, despite the usually very reliable Gordon Chan directing. But in any case, here’s the first trailer that I’ve run across for “Painted Skin”. Even after seeing this trailer, I still have no idea how this thing is going to turn out. It could be okay, but it could also be really, really awful. Right now, I’ve given up hoping for it to be anything great, which is unfortunate, but it’s difficult to be TOO optimistic the way this thing is looking right now.

Starring Vicki Zhao and Donnie Yen, and directed by Gordon Chan. It’s due out in the Chinese territories in September.