First Picture Of Brad Pitt From The Set Of Ridley Scott’s The Counselor

Once it was announced, Ridley Scott’s “The Counselor” quickly climbed to the top of my must see list. Based on a spec script by Cormac McCarthy (“No Country for Old Men”, “The Road”), the story promises to be grim, brutal, and depressing. Pile a big-time cast on top of that—one that includes Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, Dean Norris, and Rosie Perez—and you’ve successfully captured my attention.

Today brings the first image from the set of “The Counselor”, this particular image of Pitt, decked out like a cowboy, a wry smirk on his lips, looking like he’s up to no good.

Brad Pitt on the set of  The Counselor (2013) Movie Image

Here’s a quote from an interview Pitt did with Empire about his role in the film. You can tell he’s stoked to be there. It’s nice to know that even a superstar can still like their job:

I’m only doing a few days on that. [“Killing Them Softly” director] Andrew [Dominik] and I are both Cormac McCarthy fans – I mean, I’ve read every word the guy’s published and most of them more than once. So this was a chance to do something of his and also to work with Ridley [Scott] again. Ridley gave me my first break into the big leagues. And I’m a [Michael] Fassbender fanatic too.

“The Counselor” is the story of a lawyer (Fassbender) who, after proposing to his girlfriend (Cruz), looks for a way to supplement his income. Along with two accomplices (Bardem and Pitt), he tries to smuggle $20 million in cocaine into the US and distribute it himself. Being that this story springs from the mind of McCarthy, you can imagine that things do not go as planned, and a great deal of pain and misery follows these characters.

Via : Just Jared