First Poster And Trailer For Environmental Thriller The East

The East (2013) Movie Poster

Brit Marling has become something of a staple at the Sundance Film Festival over the last few years. Her two previous films—“Another Earth” and “Sound of My Voice”—both premiered there, and her with her latest, “The East”, she’s followed the same path. The first trailer and poster are now available for your consumption.

While I absolutely despised “Another Earth”, “Sound of My Voice” was a pleasant surprise, a small, tense thriller that edges into science fiction territory. For “The East” Marling reunited with “Voice” director Zal Batmanglij, and their new film looks to wander some familiar thematic ground.

“Sound of My Voice” tells the story of an investigative journalist who goes undercover to expose a cult leader (Marling) who claims to be from the future. The story of “The East” follows a young woman (also Marling) who works for a private security company as she infiltrates a group of anarchist-leaning environmental terrorists. When she finds herself getting in over her head, she is forced to reexamine her motives. “The East” eschews genre elements, placing the story firmly in the real world of big time corporations that can afford to get away with whatever they want, and a small group of activists willing to take them to war.

From this trailer, I’m ready to climb on board “The East” bandwagon. This looks like a tense, thrilling ride, and there’s already more action in this than either of Marling’s previous scripts. The name recognition of the cast is also on a different level, featuring recognizable faces like Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard.

Fox Searchlight, which handled both “Another Earth” and “Sound of My Voice”, will distribute “The East”. There is no release date, but expect the film to hit some more festivals and likely get a theatrical release later this year.

Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgård in The East (2013) Movie Image

Julia Ormond, Aldis Hodge, Ellen Page, Brit Marling and Shiloh Fernandez in The East (2013) Movie Image