First Poster for Daniel Chan’s Chinese Crime Drama Triad

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I know next to nothing about director Daniel Chan’s upcoming gangster flick “Triad”. That having been said, I’ve heard this sort of crime-oriented story a few dozens times before. A young guy works his way up through the ranks of a crime syndicate, decides it’s time to quit, cleans up his life, and BAM! — everything comes crashing down. This is a gross generalization on my part, especially considering all I have to work with at this point is the nifty poster you see to the left and the generic synopsis embedded below.

And, like magic, here it is:

College-educated Harvard decides to become a gangster. He is promoted through the ranks, then heads his own team. As Hong Kong prepares for its 1997 handover, Harvard works with the police to ensure survival of his gang. His former boss BJ helps him out and they swear friendship. Harvard is able to move along with the times, cashing in on trends just ahead of the authorities. He gets into businesses beyond their jurisdiction, particularly internet porn.

Harvard goes legitimate, getting rid of the violent aspects of gangsterhood, alienating the fighters and those who cannot adapt. Harvard decides to resolve a gangland power struggle by himself – but discovers that the person betraying him is…

What? You didn’t think they were going to tell you who betrayed him, did you? For a second, I thought they might. Gee, I certainly hope it isn’t the best friend. Doesn’t really matter what happens — I’ll watch it regardless. “Triad”, which stars William Chan, Michelle Wai, Patrick Tam, Irene Wan, Derek Tsang, and Edward Tsui, opens in China later this year.

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