First Production Photo From New Red Dwarf Series

“Red Dwarf” is, without a doubt, my favorite television show of all time. What’s geekier than a British sci-fi sitcom? Nothing, that’s what. In the 20-year history of “Red Dwarf” there are only nine seasons (is this a British thing?), well, eight and a weird little truncated thing that they try to pass off as a season. Now, however, the crew is back with a new season, going under the title “Red Dwarf X”, and here is the first official production photo.

For those of you who don’t know, “Red Dwarf” follows the adventures of Dave Lister (Craig Charles). Lister wakes up after being in suspended animation for three million years, the last human being alive. His only companions are Rimmer (Chris Barrie), the hologramatic representation of his uptight bunkmate, Cat (Danny John-Jules), a humanoid creature who evolved from Lister’s common house cat, and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn), a sycophantic service droid. There are also a couple incarnations of Holly, the ship’s computer, who has gone batty after endless millennia. The ramshackle crew has all manner of adventures and ridiculous shenanigans in the furthest reaches of outer space, doing battle with homicidal cyborgs and even a wax Hitler.

The ninth season of “Red Dwarf”, the three-episode “Back to Earth” arc, left some things to be desired and got too cute, but this photo sets the proper stage. The crew is on a ship, presumably in deep space, which is precisely where they should be, and fills me with hope. Filming on “Red Dwarf X” is apparently all, or at least very near, complete, and hopefully this will the airwaves sometime very soon.

Via : Giant Freakin Robot