Tomorrow When the War Began’s Invaders Will be Asians


We already told you about China’s not-so positive reaction to being villains in the upcoming “Red Dawn” remake, which posits China and Russia tag-teaming an invasion of U.S. soil. But there’s one movie that didn’t show up in the article that the Chinese (and other sensitive Asian nations) may end up having a problem with, too: the Australian-based, Australian-set, and Australian-made “Tomorrow, When the War Began”.

Although the original books by writer John Marsden never gave the invaders in the story an identity or indeed country of origin, the movie will be forced to do so, since, well, you’ll actually have to see the invaders, after all, and it’ll be kind of silly to have them look like some rainbow coalition.

According to writer/director Stuart Beattie (via DH), there’s just no way around it, and while he won’t name the country of origin, the race will be obvious:

“I don’t want to be a hater of any country – and I don’t want the movie to be about that. If I named a country, it wouldn’t be that book; it would be something else entirely. What the book and the movie are about is these eight teenagers and what happens to them when their country is invaded, not who’s doing it or why.

The ethnicity just makes common sense. If anyone is going to invade Australia, it’s not going to be Europe, and it’s not going to be Africa. It won’t be Antarctica or New Zealand. It’s going to be someone in Asia. It’s the logical thing. It’s common sense enough for an audience to say ‘ok, that’s who it would be’.”.

Of course, Stuart is hoping that “common sense” will save the day. As we all know by now, political correctness is far more powerful than some silly ol notion of common sense, especially in Hollywood, or any movie industry for that matter.

See, it’s so much easier to just make your invaders aliens. No one cares about little green men being vilified.

“Tomorrow, When the War Began”, starring Caitlin Stasey as teen guerrilla fighter Ellie Linton, invades Australian theaters September 2. This is the first of a planned trilogy, but of course, that will depend entirely on the film’s box office returns.

Author: Nix

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  • Stuart

    Should have made the invaders Aboriginal Australians – now that would have been something!

  • Lilacfunk

    Excuse me, what the fuck does “Asians” mean? I’m really over this blanket term representing every colour under the sun being used to refer just to the orientals.

  • MrGreen

    I love to see a movie where the western nations go in and invade Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslims nations, where they kill and torture the innocent people in the cruelest ways and have no reason for doing it other than for lust of oil and blood.
    Oh wait its actually happing right now, why bother watching a movie of an imaginary invasion of Asians when you can watch live invasion of the middle east by western nation in real life? Guess the truth is where its going to hurt the most.
    Well anyways thanks for making those people who have no common sense who watch this think that Asians are the enemy. And we all know how little few people have common sense these days just look at war.

  • Hostato

    Mmmh the answer is really easy and logical: Australia is rich of commodities and ores and China is the main importer of Australia’s commodities, so China is the only logical choice of potential countries which would invade Australia. Sadly the movie might prove very realistic in a few years to come.