First Red State Clip Introduces the 2 Beers and a Hump Rule

MTV’s got your first taste of Kevin Smith’s “Red State”. It certainly looks like ol Kevin’s trying something different here, but you can still see glimmers of the old Kevin. Hell, even the actors look like they aren’t sure if they’re in a New Kevin film or an Old Kevin film. The dialogue wavers back and forth, too. Except you have Melissa Leo acting all serious when she tells three horny boys that she won’t let any man in her without at least two beers in him first. It’s like a comedy, where all the lines are funny, but no one delivers the lines like they think it’s supposed to be funny. Weird.

Starring Kyle Gallner, John Goodman, Kevin Alejandro, Michael Angarano, Anna Gunn, Melissa Leo, Stephen Root, Kevin Pollak, Haley Ramm, Kerry Bishé, Michael Parks and directed by Kevin Smith.

Look for it sometime in 2011.

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