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A lot has been said about the rebooted future of law-enforcement — some good, some bad, some — oh, who are we kidding, it’s mostly been bad. Except for the film’s A-list cast and its gritty director Jose Padilha, everything that’s been whispered about the upcoming “Robocop” reboot hasn’t exactly been nice and rosy. These set images, which gives you your first gander at Robocop himself, may or may not dispel those nasty thoughts.

As always with set stuff…


Now that you’ve been warned, check out what “The Killing” star Joel Kinnaman looks like in full Robocop costume on the set of the upcoming reboot. I’m not sure if that’s the full extent of his “costume”, more like the original layer that will be getting some spiffy upgrades courtesy of CGI.

Of course, I could be wrong.

“Robocop” will star Kinnaman as a cop in future Detroit who gets blown away by bad guys, and is eventually resurrected as Robocop, a half-man, half-cyborg cop by the evil OmniCorp corporation. As with the original films, Robocop will spend just as much time battling street-level scum as he does boardroom scum in three-piece suits.

The film will co-star Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael K. Williams, Jay Baruchel, Jennifer Ehle, and Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

Robo cops the streets in the Summer of 2013.

Joel Kinnaman on the set of Robocop (2013) Movie Image

Joel Kinnaman on the set of Robocop (2013) Movie Image

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  • Brent McKnight

    I look at these pictures and I only see Venom.

    • Nix

      You’re not far off. From what I hear, the Venom in the comics is now running around with guns. Yes, GUNS. Venom.

      • Dedpool

        Don’t knock it. It’s actually very very good, and in my oinion the best thing to happen to the character in a long time. Also Flash Thompson being the host for the sybiot is awesome and has created an all new hero from a character that no one seemed to know what to do with anymore.

        • Juggernaut

          I agree.

          • Nix

            Yeah but he’s Venom. Why does Venom need guns? It makes no sense.

          • Dedpool

            It makes perfect sense. Going all the way back to the 90’s it’s about the host. In a “What if?” The Punisher had gotten the symbiote and became venom, he used guns,and even ebgan to make guns out of the symbiote (I didn’t like that but the idea of them becoming part of the suit for use I can deal with), and in the new comic it’s a similar thing. Flash Thompson is a soldier. Lost his legs,in Afghanistan and got himself a medal of honor. The government took the symbiote awat from mac Gargan (Scoripon) and because of Flash’s record AND his almost fanboy appreciation of SPidey he was chosen to be Venom, a government Black Ops agent. He’s dropped into serverely hostile warzones where webbing just aint gonna cut it, hence the guns.But it’s not all about the guns, and when he Venoms out hoooo boy is it awesome. He’s already gotten himself a rogues gallery too!!

  • mordred13

    I see GI Joe’s black ninja.

  • X_p


    ive never said this before but i hope to god they throw some cgi on that!!!!!

  • Griffin

    Cyber Snake Eyes

  • Dedpool

    *Walks in and puts up riot shield*
    I don’t hate it, I actually kinda like it.First of all with the information we’ve heard about the script and multiple versions of Robocop throughout the film, I’m sure this isn’t the final version. Also I’m sure like the suits in G.I.Joe and Iron Man there will be CGI added post production. That said I do like the direction they’re going visually.

    • X_p

      I just read the script details and… WOW! hahaha
      its sounds worse than i expected. multiple versions sounds like a pretty generic way to pass the time in the movie. is it battle damage that cause new versions? no, its… i cant even say what cause the multiple versions its so ridiculous…

  • Spacecroc

    Part Batman. Part Daft Punk. All cop

  • Juggernaut

    Looks a lot like Cyclops’ new outfit too! Which looks like Nightwing and one of the Silverhawks had a baby. Lol

    • Dedpool

      PhoenixClops looks badass!!!
      And speaking of Nightwing, THAT is a tv show that WB needs to get on to making!!!

      • Juggernaut

        Maybe he’ll show up in Arrow.

  • ErickKwon

    I would’ve liked the original chrome/pewter/bronze-ish look return. Even taking into account that an all-black costume will look a lot different on film, I’m reminded of tons of anime armor (“Angel Cop”, “Moldiver”, “Bubble Gum Crisis”, etc.). At least the Iron Man suit had the color scheme to set it apart. But the only thing I care about is a hard R-rating.