First Reviews for Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell

For some reason, Sam Raimi is sure playing it coy with his announced return to horror ala “Drag me to Hell”. (Come on, the title just sells it, doesn’t it?) Heck, it’s been a year, and we haven’t even seen a trailer for this thing yet. There have been images, but very few. But of course, that didn’t stop someone with the knowledge to send emails in this here Interwebs from sending a review of the movie to one of them movie sites. The review comes from an advanced screening of the movie, and it’s very positive. Does this mean Sam Raimi is back to form? After the overlong and overstuffed “Spider-Man 3”, let’s all hope so, shall we?

You can read the full review over at FirstShowing. Here’s the highlight:

Drag Me to Hell played like a vintage classic in the vein of Raimi’s own Evil Dead series and the inimitable Bruce Campbell vs Army of Darkness. Bucket loads of blood and gore, edge-of-your-seat, clenched-cheek suspense, and laughs, laughs, laughs. Sure, Raimi recycles gags from his previous camp classics and doesn’t stray from the tone of those films either, but that’s why it succeeds! It’s uproarious and over-the-top. And it’s absolutely terrifying and really funny — all within the same second.

AICN‘s own Quint also saw the screening, and said this:

Basically, all I can tell you guys is that the movie isn’t flawless… the story’s been told before, etc… but goddamn it’s done in a really fun way by one of the genre’s best filmmakers. The seance scene, without a doubt, will be held up with some of the best scenes of Raimi’s previous movies.

So that’s two for two. Not bad.

But seriously, Sam, how about that trailer? It’s only been like a year since we heard about this movie, you know. A trailer would sure be nice by now…

Below: Alison Lohman can drag me to hell anytime…