First Spooky Trailer for Takashi Shimizu’s 7500

Ryan Kwanten in 7500 (2012) Movie Image

Take the structure of a haunted house movie, toss it onto a plane, and you’ve got “The Grudge” director Takashi Shimizu’s “7500” in a nutshell. I might be underselling the film just a bit with that simplistic synopsis, but, for some bizarre reason, I’m a little skeptical about this one. Will I watch it? Of course I’ll watch it. I’m a Shimizu fanboy. And I’m pathetic.

“7500” stars Jamie Chung, Nicky Whelan, Amy Smart, Leslie Bibb, Ryan Kwanten, Scout Taylor-Compton, Johnathon Schaech, Christian Serratos, and Jerry Ferrara. Check your luggage on August 31st, 2012. When you’re ready, investigate the trailer below.

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