Teaser Trailer for Creepy Korean Flick Late-Night FM

When it comes to delivering intense, well-crafted thrillers, South Korea is at the very top of the proverbial pile. “Chaser”, “Oldboy”, and “Memories of Murder” are among my absolute favorites, and rank as some of the most satisfying suspense flicks I’ve ever encountered. “Late-Night FM”, which stars Choi Song Hyun and Ji-tae Yu, promises to continue in the footsteps of its lofty predecessors, though I’m going to keep my excitement properly restrained until further investigation can be implemented. Fair enough, right?

A plot synopsis, courtesy of Film Smash:

Sun-young is a popular radio DJ with a big fan base for a cinema music midnight program that is aired live. She is a perfectionist who has built a successful career for the past 7 years, but when her daughter is in need of an operation overseas, she decides to quit. She prepares for her final show from song selections and comments down to the smallest details. During the show, she receives a call from a listener named Dong-soo. He tells her that she must follow his orders while she hosts her live radio show, or her family’s lives are at stake, and threatens that she can’t tell anyone. Without knowing what he wants and why this is happening to her, she continues her 2 hour radio program to save her family as they get killed one by one.

“Play Misty for Me” meets “Phonebooth”? Sounds plausible. At any rate, the teaser trailer is hanging out below. Give it a look or two.