First Teaser Trailer for Ken Watanabe’s Remake of Unforgiven

Ken Watanabe in Unforgiven (2013) Movie Image

Here’s your first look at a teaser trailer for for “Villain” director Sang-il Lee’s “Unforgiven”, his remake of the Clint Eastwood Western of the same name starring Ken Watanabe as a retired Samurai called back into service to avenge some wronged prostitutes. The teaser is short and entirely in Japanese, but if you’ve seen the Eastwood original, I think you can easily figure out who is who and what’s happening (or about to happen). I can pick out the old dude playing the Morgan Freeman role, but I’m not sure who is playing “The ‘Schofield Kid'” in this one…

Set in 1880 Japan, “Unforgiven” follows a samurai with a violent past (Watanabe), who lives on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido with his aboriginal wife, but is brought out of retirement for one last job…

Also starring Jun Kunimura, Kôichi Satô, Yûya Yagira, Akira Emoto, and Shioli Kutsuna.

Japan gets it first on September 13, 2013, so Stateside fans are probably looking at a late 2013 (or early 2014) debut.

Via : Sneak Peek