First Teaser Trailer for the Korean Creature Flick Sector 7

Todd has been posting all about this little ditty called “Sector 7” from South Korea for a while, so by now you probably know a little bit about it. If not, hey, there’s always this quickie minute-long teaser trailer for the film, which has popped up online for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below.

“Sector 7” stars South Korean cutie Ha Ji-won as a female rig worker who, along with her male counterparts, have to fight off a tentacled monster that rises out of the ocean. I’m guessing all that drilling the kids were doing had something to do with it. Messing with mother nature and all that stuff.

By the way, I love the fact that the automated self-destruct voice is in English. Har har. So what happens if no one on the crew understands English? Do they, like, not understand that they’re about to be blown up any second now? I’m just sayin’.

The film invades Korean theaters this Summer. If it becomes a hit, look for someone to grab it for Stateside release soon, and probably rumors of a Hollywood remake to get all the Asian movie purists all hot and bothered.