First Three Official Images from Godzilla


Godzilla (2014) Movie Logo

Months after you probably already saw a pretty snazzy trailer leaked on the Interwebs, the studio and director Gareth Edwards are preparing to release the official trailer for the globe-trotting (and globe-stomping) green lizard’s rebirth of Godzilla tomorrow. Until then, take a gander at three officially released images from the film courtesy of USAToday.

As for the plot and characters, there’s this:

And like that first film, Edwards’ Godzilla is an origin story with a nuclear theme. The human cast of characters — including Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a soldier, Elizabeth Olsen as his nurse wife and Bryan Cranston as a scientist — all have to deal with the globe-stomping threat.

Well, not much there, I guess, but given how secretive “Godzilla” has been since it was first put into production, not surprising.

The three images feature stars Aaron Johnson and Bryan Cranston, along with, I assume, a look at the big “G” himself in the third image.

The film co-stars Elizabeth Olsen, and won’t be unleashed for the masses until next year, May 16, 2014.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Johnson in Godzilla (2014) Movie Image

Aaron Johnson in Godzilla (2014) Movie Image

Godzilla (2014) Movie Image

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  • ネイサン

    Kick-ass and Heisenberg… !!!

  • Hulk’s Jazz Club

    Looks great! As a Godzilla fan I have been waiting for this since the last Godzilla film in 2004. Let’s hope that Gareth Edwards really keeps his word about staying true to the “True” Toho Godzilla.