First Trailer For Baltasar Kormakur’s The Deep

The Deep (2012) Movie Image

After “Contraband”, Baltasar Kormakur has become a hot commodity. At the moment he’s working on “Two Guns”, another film with Mark Wahlberg, this time co-starring Denzel Washington. In the midst of all of this success, however, Kormakur has been hard at work on another film, called “The Deep”, which has a new, English-subtitled trailer.

Based on real life events, the film explores the downside of an everyman who has fame thrust upon him, whether he likes it or not. Here’s a synopsis:

“The Deep” (“Djúpið”) is based on a real incident here in Iceland when a small fishing boat sank outside the Westman Islands in the middle of winter in the 80’s and all but one crewmember lost their lives. The film tells the story of this lone survivor and how he spent hours in the freezing cold sea and managed to swim to safety. He reluctantly became a national hero because of this and while the rest of us remember how he showed almost super human strength and will saving himself he remembers it as the day when his friends and co-workers died.

In this video you see trials and tribulations the protagonist undergoes. Not only does he have to survive a horrific event, pushing himself to the absolute physical limit just to live, but when he emerges from his ordeal, he has to endure the judgment of the people around him. The stares and glares hide questions that no one asks. How did he survive? How come no one else made it through? You can tell from their faces that they suspect things are not all on the level, that maybe they’re not getting the whole story, that maybe he sacrificed their loved ones to save his own skin, or that he could have saved them.

“The Deep” premieres in Iceland on September 21.

Via : Twitch