First Trailer for Christophe Gans’ French Version of Beauty and the Beast

Lea Seydoux in Beauty and the Beast (2014) Movie Image

Christophe Gans’ French take on “Beauty and the Beast” looks a lot like the Disney movie. Mind you, not that I would know. I’ve never seen the animated Disney version all the way through. I just remember the dancing and talking candles because that’s what you usually see in the trailers and commercials for the flick. Admittedly that’s a pretty limited perspective from which to make a comparison, but that’s not going to stop me from making future assumptions, so deal with it.

Anyways. Take a look at the first trailer for Gans’ version of “Beauty and the Beast”, including a poster and some images. I think by now everyone knows the plot of “Beauty and the Beast”, right? She’s poor, he’s rich, but also ugly. They get together and she sees the good in him and they finally dance. Voila! The kind of love that stands the test of time. Or at least until they both grow old and die. Hey, it happens to all of us.

And finally — hey, ladies, you like big, tall, hairy, with a French accent? Well, here’s your dream date!

Starring Vincent Cassel, Léa Seydoux, André Dussollier, Eduardo Noriega, Myriam Charleins, Audrey Lamy, Sara Giraudeau, and Jonathan Demurger.

France gets its first next February 12th, 2014.

Beauty and the Beast (2014) Movie Poster

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