Promotional Trailer for Matthew A. Collins’ Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Heart Land


Heart Land (2013) Movie Image

Earlier this year, we got our hands on a few promotional stills for director Matthew A. Collins’ intriguing post-apocalyptic endeavor “Heart Land”, a film which follows two children as they attempt to make their way across a barren wasteland littered with danger. And when I say danger, of course, I mean zombies. But I’m sure you already knew this. Anyway, in order to keep that initial buzz going, the filmmakers have finally unleashed a teaser trailer upon the masses. If you thought the film looked great before, wait until you get a look at the clip embedded below.

For more information, stop by the film’s official website.

Via : IGN

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Dedpool

    Talk abouit your twist on post-apocalyptic genre.

  • Lexavi80

    Well, let’s put it like this: I was watching the trailer, and in the middle of it all, my phone start ringing… and I almost shit myself.

    So, was I to much into character, or I’m a chicken-shit, or the images, the score and the little girl humming have power?

    I want to think is the third one. If you think otherwise, well, you suck.

  • Orbitreks

  • Peter Nguyen

    If Fallout 3 was a movie with a younger main character.

  • John Matrix

    Holy cow! *Not* what I expected to happen! Okay, that boy is a bad ass! Wish my kids could shoot like that (my wife won’t let them near my guns, even though I keep telling her its better to know how to use them than to be afraid of them!)! Now, I get to spend the rest of the day wishing my wife was different… and my kids! Thanks, jerks! :)

    Oh, and, yes, i will def. see this movie when it’s made, maybe it will change her mind if she sees what can happen! I love zombies! I have never even heard of anything like this – why hasn’t someone made this before? Where ARE all the kids in zombie world?!? Kewl!